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Get the accurate and insightful intelligence you have always needed with the market leader in web and PDF data acquisition technology.

Developed by developers, for developers, Intuli's unique toolkits facilitate the acquisition of hard-to-reach data.

The multi-tool of online data collection. Everything you need to harvest data from the web. It's proven, efficient, and powerful.
Atlas Features
  •   Powerful data extraction suite
  •   Emulate human browser interaction
  •   Compatible with C# and VB.NET
  •   Optional IP anonymization
  •   Full Chromium, Gecko, and Trident support with access to the browser object
  •   Robust logging capabilities complement operational reliability
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Codex is an intelligent and effective approach to PDF extraction. Used by enterprise-scale businesses to harvest data from PDF files.
Codex Features
  •   Detailed and organized PDF data harvesting
  •   Extract tables, text, and images
  •   Compatible with C# and VB.NET
  •   View font family, name, color, size, and position
  •   Harvest a PDF as a series of pages, columns, sections, and text blocks
  •   PDF Page Inspector allows developers to see the detail for each piece of data in a PDF document
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