Atlas is a versatile set of tools which enable developers to automate the collection and standardization of large-scale online data. Automating data collection with Atlas significantly reduces the cost to acquire and maintain extensive sets of online data.

Atlas is a collection of .NET classes which extend functionality and allows developers to seamlessly integrate Atlas into other .NET solutions. With Atlas, developers have the ability to extract text, images, and download files directly from a website. The optional IP anonymization feature allows you to harvest data discretely.

Collect as much data as you want, when you want, without limits.

Powerful data extraction suite

Atlas gives you comprehensive features to confidently navigate, extract, and manage data from web pages.

Emulate human browser interaction

Pages are fully rendered in a browser with script execution and you have access to tools which allow you to emulate human behavior.

Compatible with C# and VB.NET

Built for common programming languages, Atlas can be quickly integrated into your workflow.

Optional IP anonymization

IP anonymization facilitates the discrete navigation and extraction of data.

Full Chromium, Gecko, and Trident support with access to the browser object

With industry standard browsers as the backbone for Atlas, you can interact completely with HTML elements and JavaScript.

Robust logging

Complete crash-safe browser logging provides for easy debugging of both navigation and data harvesting.

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